New Events

We’ve been mapping out a lot of our events ahead of time for 2011, so today’s events update includes a lot of dates for Affinity Group meetings.

Of special note in general events is AEGN’s grantmaker field trip to Arnhem Land in August; it looks to be an excellent learning tour of the bio-diverse Northern Territory.

  • Ideas & Society Program: Disability Care and Support Forum, with Bruce Bonyhady (12 April, Victoria)
  • Perpetual Foundation Thought Leadership Seminar: Reforming Fundraising Regulation (29 April, Melbourne)
  • National Infrastructure Conference 2011 (8-9 June, Sydney)
  • Australian Environmental Grantmakers Network 2011 Field Trip to Arnhem Land (7-12 August, NT)
  • CIVICUS World Assembly 2011 - Civil Society and Global Decision-Making: Doing It Better (10-12 September, Canada)

Members Only*

* Full Members of Philanthropy Australia only, unless otherwise specified.

  • UPDATED: Philanthropy Australia AGM (27 April, Melbourne; Associate Members also invited)
  • Bendigo Regional Meeting (2 May, Bendigo; Non-Member grantmakers welcome)
  • Addressing Homelessness Affinity Group (3 May, Sydney)
  • Circle of Learning (4 May, Sydney; Associate Members also welcome)
  • Corporate Network (5 May, Sydney)
  • Trustees Dinner (12 May, Melbourne)
  • CEO Network Lunch (17 May, Melbourne; invitation only)
  • Indigenous Affinity Group (18 May, Melbourne)
  • Education Affinity Group (24 May, Melbourne)
  • Arts Affinity Group (25 May, Melbourne)
  • CEO Network (25 May, Sydney; invitation only)
  • Launch of Philanthropy Australia’s Rural & Regional Affinity Group (26 May, Bendigo)
  • Indigenous Affinity Group (15 June, Sydney)
  • Arts Affinity Group (22 June, Sydney)
  • CEO Network Lunch (19 July, Melbourne; invitation only)
  • Education Affinity Group (27 July, Sydney)
  • Arts Affinity Group (24 August, Melbourne)
  • Indigenous Affinity Group (24 August, Melbourne)
  • Education Affinity Group (30 August, Melbourne)
  • Arts Affinity Group (13 October, Sydney)
  • CEO Network Lunch (18 October, Melbourne; invitation only)
  • Indigenous Affinity Group (20 October, Sydney)
  • Education Affinity Group (27 October, Sydney)
  • Indigenous Affinity Group (16 November, Melbourne)
  • Education Affinity Group (22 November, Melbourne)
  • Arts Affinity Group (23 November, Melbourne)

Further details on these events are available on the Events Calendar.

If you have any events relevant to Australian grantmakers coming up, please let us know by submitting it on our website here.

Mar. 25, 2011

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