New on the Wiki: Managing in a Downturn

This report from PricewaterhouseCoopers (UK) in association with the Association of Charitable Foundations, Charity Finance Directors’ Group and Institute of Fundraising, constitutes the results of a survey of UK-based charities on their expectations for the coming year and beyond, and on what actions they are taking as a result of the economic crisis.

This report includes information on charities’ expectations of how the crisis will affect their income and expenditure as well as management practices. It concludes that there are opportunities for charities to use the crisis period as “akin to a “pit stop” in a grand prix” and that there are some key priorities and actions which a charity should consider taking in order to better weather the crisis.

The report concludes with a list of ten key messages for charities to consider in the coming months.

To download the report, go to Managing in a Downturn on the PhilanthropyWiki.

Dec. 09, 2008

 Tags: research & information, philanthropywiki, global financial crisis

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