Philanthropy leaders’ visit to Indonesia

By: Chris Wootton, Philanthropy Australia

The Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade, The Australia Indonesia Institute and Philanthropy Australia are currently conducting a Philanthropy Leaders visit to Indonesia.

The delegates include: Mr Carrillo Gantner, Mr Phillip Keir, Mr Leonard Vary, Ms Eve Mahlab, Ms Karen Mahlab, Ms Julie Reilly, Mr Paul Wheelton & Mr Chris Wootton led by Professor Tim Lindsey (The Australia Indonesian Institute) and Ms Sanchi Davis (DFAT). 

Day 1

Arrival at the Australian Embassy in Jakarta


Highlights of day one included extensive briefings at the new Australian Embassy in Jakarta - this is the first external group to visit the recently completed building. 








Briefing session with Mr Justin Lee - Deputy Head of Mission

A lunch was held with key media representatives and in the afternoon a tour of the innovative Salihara cultural centre - where Mr Carrillo Gantner delivered an impromptu performance in the Black Box Theatre - the only one of its type in Jakarta.

Mr Carrillo Gantner in the Black Box Theatre

Day one was capped off with a dinner with 30 leading Indonesian philanthropists to share experiences and explore areas of joint interests.

Day 2

Today commenced with a breakfast presentation by four alumni from the Australian Indonesian Institute regarding their philanthropic and social enterprises, namely the Cinderella from Indonesia Centre, a Project Soccer Clunic for women and the project.

This was followed by a briefing by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), where Indonesia is only one of four countries selected to develop a partnership platform for philanthropy to deliver on the Sustainable Development Goals. 

In the afternoon the delegation visited the old historical region of Jakarta to meet and see the heritage conservation work underway to save the buildings of this historic area. Very few historic buildings now remain in Jakarta making this particular project extremely significant and requiring future investment to realise the plan. 

Day 3

Today's visits focussed on education and empowering women projects in Yogyakarta - a one hour flight from Jakarta.

Our first school visit is part of the Bridge Project which involves Skype sessions with a small rural school in South Australia where students from each school learn the  language, stories, culture and develop  friendships.

We next visited a Madrasah Islamic School which aims to break down barriers between Islam and non-Islam and offers students a wide curricula including arts, environment, culture, music, textiles and growing their own plants/food.

The delegation then joined with the Australian Ambassador for Indonesia, Mr  Paul Grigson on a tour of a Mosque in Syubada - which also conducts education and health programs.

The day concluded with a presentation by MAMPU (Empowering Indonesian Women for Poverty Reduction) and a dinner with Alumni from the Australian Indonesia Institute.

Day 4

Today's program focussed on Indonesian arts and culture and began with meeting internationally acclaimed film maker Garin Nugroho and previewed his latest film Setan Jawa. He is also consultant to the Indonesian cultural diplomacy program  and the Indonesian House of Culture.

The delegation also visited the Cemeti Art Gallery which features the works of both Indonesian and foreign contemporary artists; and Papermoon Puppet Threatre who have presented successfully in New York, Australia, Japan, India, South Korea, Malaysia and Singapore.


In the evening the delegation attended traditional Java music and contemporary dance performances at Padepokan Bagong Kussudiardjo (PBK).


Day 5

Our final day in Yogyakarta for a series of presentations at Kedai Kebon from leading visual artists including Eko Supriyanto (Cry Jailolo); Kristie Monfries (Instrument Builders); Volcanic Winds Project (Kudo Lamping which came to Melbourne Arts Centre in 2015); the Jogja Biennale and Bandung (Sight Unseen). 

The Delegation on our final day in Indonesia, from left to right: Paul Wheelton, Phillip Keir, Karen Mahlab, Leonard Vary, Eve Mahlab, Tim Lindsey, Allison Stekelenburg, Julie Reilly, Chris Wootton, Sanchi Davis & Carrillo Gantner. 

Feb. 26, 2016

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