PhilanthropyWiki is now live!

Philanthropy Australia is delighted to announce that the highly anticipated PhilanthropyWiki is now live!

The PhilanthropyWiki is an online encyclopaedia and archive of knowledge on philanthropy in Australia, which now provides a ‘first-port-of-call’ to the philanthropy and not-for-profit sectors, nationally and internationally, on philanthropic giving, charitable trusts, philanthropic foundations and the charity sector in Australia. 

The development of the Wiki has been most generously supported by Macquarie Bank Foundation.

Visit the Philanthropy Wiki at

The types of information contained within the PhilanthropyWiki include:

    Philanthropedia (the Who, Where & How Much of philanthropy) - documenting historically significant people, organisations, statistics, issues and events that have occurred in Australian philanthropy.
    Structures & Models - (the What of philanthropy) - categorising and explaining specific types of philanthropic bodies.
    Practices - (the How of philanthropic giving) - Covering the practical information relevant to those in the sector.
    Theories & Debates - (the Why we do what we do the way we do it) - encompassing information and/or opinions that are by nature analytical and/or theoretical.
    Program Areas - Collating information relevant to funders on different areas of funding, such as Health, Social Justice or the Environment.

Web users will be familiar with the wiki model through sites such as Wikipedia, which is famous as a vastly extensive, multi-authored encyclopedia that is accessed and edited online in real time. The PhilanthropyWiki utilizes the wiki model in its own unique way. Philanthropy Australia’s Members (grantmaking trusts and foundations), invited academics and other philanthropy specialists are able to edit existing, and create new, pages. All contributions are constantly monitored by our administration team to ensure the veracity and clarity of information contributed.

The PhilanthropyWiki is a key component of Philanthropy Australia’s KnowledgeBank, a culmination of several years’ work on encouraging and embodying effective knowledge management in the sector. Throughout this process, we have come to understand the immense value of making use of the information technology at hand, recognising that supporting the effective use of IT in the not-for-profit sector is crucial to the sector’s progression towards effective knowledge management.

Other KnowledgeBank components include the Philanthropy Australia Website, The Australian Directory of Philanthropy Online, and the Philanthropy Australia Library Catalogue. Components that are still pending include the KnowledgeBank Search, the Grants Database & the Projects in the Pipeline Database.

For more information contact us at or on (03) 9620 0200.

Nov. 01, 2007

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