Projects Pool launched

A new knowledge sharing service for Philanthropy Australia full Members will be launched today in Sydney. The Projects Pool offers a convenient, discreet and secure way to share project recommendations among our full Members.

The Projects Pool is a reservoir of recommended projects for which non-profits are currently seeking funding. Each project listed has been recommended by a Philanthropy Australia full Member; usually a project for which a Member has received an application, and assessed, but cannot fund and would like to recommend to other funders.

Using the Projects Pool Members can:

  • Recommend projects for funding, perhaps that they themselves were unable to fund; and
  • Seek out projects which come recommended by other Members, having had some initial due diligence undertaken.

Members can access the Projects Pool from the Philanthropy Australia homepage (menu on the left, under Grantmaker Tools) or click on this
A username and password are required to log in.

We look forward to seeing our Members contribute projects, and are ready to help where we can.  Contact Louise Arkles on or (03) 9620 0200 (03) 9662 9299 (new phone number as of Sept 09)

Jul. 29, 2009

 Tags: general

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