Spread the word, giving is good

Philanthropy often gets in the news because of mega-gifts – from the likes of the Packers and tech billionaires. It is not surprising that generosity on such a scale captivates us, but the mega-gifts are one part of a much larger story about giving in this nation.

We are in the middle of a major transformation of what I call the ecology of philanthropy in Australia.

People are realising philanthropy, or structured, strategic giving is something everybody can do. There are so many different ways Australians are getting involved in philanthropy, and so many organisations and people helping them do so.

Across Australia, new "giving circles" are being set up – they're an exciting and accessible way for people to give.

They aim to sign up at least 100 members, with each donating $1000 which will then be pooled to make collective high-impact grants.

We're also seeing community foundations charging ahead – bringing people and resources together to help solve difficult social challenges in communities.

This opinion piece originally appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald, Wednesday 3 September 2014.

Sep. 03, 2014

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