Stories of 'Good Philanthropy' - Conference Survey Results

At the Philanthropy Australia Conference held in Melbourne on 1 September 2010, a session was conducted on a new publication Time Will Tell, which showcases some examples of ‘good’ philanthropy. As part of the session, an exercise was conducted with participants sharing their views on ‘what makes ‘good’ philanthropy’.

Combining the data from 137 participants, comparisons are given to see what differences exist between philanthropic, not-for-profit and other types of organisations.

Among the findings from the beginning of the session:

  • NFPs (15%) are less likely to rank Collaborations and Partnerships (Philanthropic 22% & Other 25%)
  • Philanthropic (12%) are more likely to rank Clear Outcomes & Evalaution (NFPs 7% & Other 7%)

Just over half of responses (52%) indicated that they changed their ideas regarding what makes ‘good’ philanthropy at the completion of the session. The most changes were in the areas of partnerships and collaborations (33%), Time (24%) and to take on more risk (19%).

» Download the full survey results here

» Also available on the Philanthropy Australia Conference 2010 website

Oct. 04, 2010

 Tags: statistics, research & information, conference2010

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