Taxation Stats show another drop in giving

The ATO has released Taxation Statistics 2009-10. The figures show that while the number of Australians claiming a tax deduction for charitable giving increased in the 09-10 year there was a significant decrease in the amount given.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Individuals claimed tax deductible gifts totalling $1,962 million, a decrease of 6.3%
  • The number of private ancillary funds (PAFs) has increased to 955 (as of 31 October 2011)
  • Giving by PAFs has increased to a total of $197 million in 09/10, an increase of 28.8%
  • PAFs now have $2.2 billion in funds under management
  • Workplace giving stats are included for the first time and show total workplace giving for 09/10 at $23 million

The full report and the detailed tables are available to download from the ATO website.

May. 02, 2012

 Tags: statistics, research & information, general, finance

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