The Thomas Foundation Challenge, 4 years on

philanthropyOz Blog readers may remember back in 2006 when the David Thomas Challenge was launched by The Thomas Foundation, matching dollar-for-dollar donations to conservation efforts up to $10M. Four years later the Foundation is delighted to announce that the Challenge has seen more than $24 million delivered to conservation:

  • some $18 million in donations from private sources and The Nature Conservancy to six privately-funded conservation groups
  • a further $6.2 million from the Australian Government for land purchases that have been added to the National Reserve System funds

In creating the Challenge, David Thomas aimed to boost funding for private conservation groups, bring in new donors, and encourage a higher level of donations from existing supporters.  With these objectives achieved, a further two years to run, and more than $3.6 million still available from The Thomas Foundation to match private donations, the Foundation is renewing its call for private donors to support conservation efforts.

You can read more at The Thomas Foundation’s website.

Sep. 23, 2010

 Tags: general

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