Third Sector Focus on ABC Radio National

Vita Activa: Discovering the Third Sector

Beginning on Monday 1 October as part of the ABC Radio National Life Matters program, Vita Activa will focus on a broad range of issues concerning volunteering and the third sector.

Every facet of Australian society and Australian life touches on, and is touched by, the third sector in some way. Every social, political, economic and environmental issue has a third sector dimension. This segment aims to bring a fresh and innovative perspective and analysis to issues that matter to Australians today.

Associate Professor Melanie Oppenheimer from the School of Humanities and Languages at the University of Western Sydney will be a guest of Richard Aedy’s each Monday to discuss a range of topics using the lens of the third sector.

On Monday 1 October, the topic will concern the recent ABS Voluntary Work Australia 2006 report published in July 2007.

This program will interest those involved in the sector, as well as those with a general interest who seek to know more about this diverse, complex and integral aspect of Australian life today.

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Sep. 27, 2007

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