Trustee Workshop 17 June (Melbourne)

If you are a staff member or trustee of a philanthropic trust, perhaps you’ve come across some of these questions. Can you answer them all?

  * How can I be told that some organisations with both DGR and TCC are not eligible for grants from my PPF?

  * What is wrong in having a grant condition stating that if money isn’t fully spent on this project the organisation must give the remainder back?

  * Why cannot my foundation support good small TCC Charities that desperately need help?

  * Why can’t I give money to State schools using my PPF?

If you don’t know the answers, the Trustee Workshop will help.

Presented by David Ward, author of the Trustee Handbook, this workship explores issues and considerations for charitable trusts and foundations in Australia. Topics to be covered include the structure of charitable trusts, governance and the role trustees play; what trustees must do and what trustees should consider doing; and governance failure.

This workshop is an ideal base for new trustees and foundation staff; useful to those providing advice on setting up foundations and trusts; and an excellent reference document and aide-memoire to those already familiar with its subject. This workshop also provides an opportunity for those with significant interaction with foundations and trusts to understand the responsibilities and issues considered by Trustees.

Only $385.00 for Members of Philanthropy Australia, and $605.00 per attendee for non-members, this workshop is presented by David Ward, Treasurer of Philanthropy Australia and author of the Trustee Handbook. David is a Director of ANZ Trustees and ShareGift Australia and is Trustee Representative on several charitable trusts including the Hugh DT Williamson Foundation, the Alexander Miller Estate and the Alexander Wright Wales Trust.

See our Trustee Workshop page for details and to book your place!

May. 06, 2009

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