US Private Giving Field Trip 2014: Day Four

Kerry deLome of the James and Diana Ramsay Foundation reflects on the last day of the tour which started with a bang - visiting an incredibly impressive place based initiative, the Harlem Children's Zone (HCZ) program.

Well the last day of the PA study tour started with a bang as we visited the incredibly impressive place based initiative of the Harlem Children's Zone (HCZ) program.

HCZ's are changing Harlem block by block, and their aim is make sure kids are part of the future and not part of the problem.  Also they understand a key ingredient is to make the parents strong and positive in their mindset. HCZ work covers an area of over 97 blocks in Central Harlem.  Their successes, commitment and dedication to reach every child astounded our group.  They are kicking huge goals by changing critical mass.

The deep dedication of their staff is at the heart of their success, led by a very impressive CEO, Anne Williams-Isom, who we hope to see at the next  PA conference in 2016.  I encourage everyone reading this to look at their website.

We then visited the Clinton Foundation and they shared with us their three key values:

1. There is always a way to help people in need
2. All of us have a part to play
3. You are always better off working together

Their priority projects are the ones that are built to last, as long as they continue to add value.  Of course the Clinton Foundation have the unique ability to bring some of the best people to the table to discuss great ideas and execute them to scale and they are able to host worldwide meetings to effect such change.

Their Clinton Global Initiative has done some incredibly transformation work particularly in Hati. This is an incredibly effective organisation achieving global change and we were very fortunate to have direct access to them.  

We then concluded the New York leg of the trip with a round table sharing of our takeaway messages. Some will review their focus areas, some strategy, others succession planning, but we were all incredibly inspired by the many exceptional leaders and their theory of change attitude.  There is no doubt philanthropy in New York opened all of our eyes to fresh thinking and we all loved the "whatever it takes" attitude as well as highlighting the enormous benefits of collaboration, which reinforces the quote for me "if you want to go quick, go alone, if you want to go far, go together".

We all congratulated Louise  Walsh and Louise Burton on executing such a high level study tour, and many new friendships and collaborations will be formed as a result of this tour.


Nov. 01, 2014

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