Using New Technology to Enhance Grantmaker Practices

Grantmaking 2.0: Using New Technology to Enhance Grantmaker Practices is an article by Amy Luckey (of Blueprint Research & Design in the USA) published by Grantmakers for Effective Organisations.

The piece, as Amy describes, “is meant as a quick introduction to inspire as well as provide constructive cautions for foundations just beginning to explore ways to integrate the use of Web 2.0 into their grantmaking practices.” It seems to come at a time when the discussion on how grantmaking organisations can use technology is increasing.

The piece outlines four instances to “illustrate a handful of the myriad ways grantmakers can use new technologies productively to help accomplish four common goals”. The goals Amy has outlined are:

1. Facilitate communication among grantees

2. Connect grantees with external experts

3. Serve as information resources to the wider community – not only grantees

4. Improve communication with grantees and increase transparency

This article is valuable reading for staff of grantmaking organisations in Australia who are considering (or want to start considering) the ways their organisation could benefit from better use of technology and the internet.

Here at Philanthropy Australia we are already working on utilising social media to fulfil a number of the goals listed above. Watch this space to learn more about our KnowledgeBank and PhilanthropyWiki projects in coming weeks.

Aug. 16, 2007

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