After 5 years of research, community dialogue and scientific input, the Watermark Australia Project has published its pioneering work Our water mark: Australians making a difference in water reform.

Our water mark creates the ‘big picture’, establishes a national goal for all of us to strive toward, identifies a set of guiding principles and outlines, in detail, the various ways we can all live within our ‘water means’ – in this the driest inhabited continent on earth.  There is a wealth of detail about the current state of our water resources, presenting an informed and knowledge-rich framework for thinking about, and acting upon, water issues.

The Victorian Women’s Trust launched Our water mark on 11th July 2007, and generous private donor support has enabled it to be provided free of charge. In Melbourne copies can be picked up from the Victorian Women’s Trust office and also from Readings Bookstores in Carlton and Hawthorn.  Copies can be mailed to you, with postage and handling costs only, by contacting the Trust. They can also be collected from a number of organizations throughout Victoria.

Aug. 17, 2007

 Tags: research & information, recommended reading

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