Youth Mentoring Network

The Youth Mentoring Network is the result of a rare partnership in which four national organisations - The Smith Family, Job Futures, Big Brothers Big Sisters Australia, Dusseldorp Skills Forum - developed the initial proposal and having committed their own funds, invited the Australian Government to join the initiative as the fifth member of the group.

The National Youth Mentoring Benchmarks are a set of minimum standards that all mentoring programs are encouraged to follow. The benchmarks were reviewed by a team of experienced practitioners and researchers and submitted to a public consultation process. Over 500 people from the youth and mentoring fields participated in this process. The benchmarks are evidence that the Australian mentoring sector is maturing and consolidating its place within an established international community. They will continue to evolve with our collective knowledge and experience and are offered by the Youth Mentoring Network as a further contribution to the development of a collaborative youth mentoring community in Australia.

The Youth Mentoring Network, through the sharing of resources, professional development and collegial networking, encourages all mentoring programs to achieve these standards

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Oct. 04, 2007

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