Day 2: Thursday 6 September


This year’s conference program was a dynamic mix of pre-conference masterclasses, keynote presentations, panels, in-conversation sessions, smaller concurrent working sessions and networking drinks across the two days.

Closing Drinks

Delegates were invited for drinks and canapes after the formal close of the conference, to share highlights, learnings and ideas with your peers and network, along withthe new friendships formed throughout the conference.






Sarah Davies
CEO, Philanthropy Australia


Partner Introduction 

Paul Ramsay Foundation 


New Power and the Shifting Dynamics of Philanthropy

For most of human history, the roles of power were clear: power was something to be seized and then jealously guarded. This “old power’ was out of reach for the vast majority of people. But our ubiquitous connective makes possible a different kind of power. “New Power” is made by many. It is open, participatory and peer-driven. It works like a current, not a currency – and it is the most forceful when it surges. The battle between old and new power is determining who governs us, how we work, and even how we think and feel.

Jeremy Heimans, author of the 2018 international bestseller New Power and co-founder of GetUp!, Avaaz and Purporse, will share his findings and reflections on new power and the role that philanthropy plays in shifting dynamics.

Jeremy Heimans
Co-founder & CEO, Purpose


People, Place and Power: The San Francisco Foundation's Journey in Reshaping Strategy to Strengthen Purpose 

As CEO of The San Francisco Foundation, Fred Blackwell leads one of the oldest and largest community foundations in the United States. The Foundation is committed to a bold equity agenda that advances greater racial and economic inclusion for everyone in the Bay Area.

Fred will share the story of how the Foundation reshaped its strategic direction under his leadership, strengthening its 70-year history as a social justice organisation with a deliberate focus on equity.

Presenting Partner:

Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation

Fred Blackwell

CEO, The San Francisco Foundation (USA)


Navigating the Tensions between the Head and the Heart 

Philanthropy can involve a creative tension between what our heads and our hearts tell us to do. How can we blend together the emotive and personal elements of philanthropy, which at its core is about love of humanity, together with the rational aspects of strategic approaches to achieving change? Hear from a panel of the 2014, 2016 and 2017 Leading Philanthropists about how they approach their giving, and what they think the right formula is for combining the head and the heart to achieve philanthropy’s purpose.


Jessica Roth
Founder and Director, Social Impact Hub


Allan English
English Family Foundation

Audette Exel AO
Founder and Chair, Adara Group

Ian Darling AO
Chair, The Caledonia Foundation and Executive Chair, Shark Island


Launch of Foundation Maps Australia 

When it comes to philanthropy in Australia, we suffer from an insight deficit. Whilst we have more data available now about the overall contribution of grantmaking, we still have no reliable and accessible source of information about to which organisations and cause areas the dollars are being directed. Philanthropy Australia has partnered with the Foundation Center, the leading global source of data on philanthropy, to deliver ‘Foundation Maps Australia’ a new platform which will map grantmaking by Australian foundations. The launch will involve demonstrating this powerful new tool, which will facilitate collaboration and enhance impact.

Lauren Bradford

Director of Global Partnerships,

Foundation Center

Sarah Davies
CEO, Philanthropy Australia

11.00am Morning Tea
Breakout Sessions 



Maximising impact through collaboration in the refugee sector – The NSW Humanitarian Hub

Philanthropic benchmarking initiative: improving practice through measurement reflection & collaboration
Next-generation philanthropy: Beyond the stereotypes
Is systems change the latest fad or a game changing paradigm for philanthropy?
Poverty to inequality: how is philanthropy responding to our biggest challenge? 
12.50pm Lunch
Breakout Sessions



Creating space at the table: good governance through diversity

Decolonising Philanthropy: How can philanthropy advance in community-led solutions?

Media in crisis: What Australian philanthropy can and should do

What it takes to build a truly collaborative funding network: the out-of-home-care case study

Listen, learn, empower: using place based philanthropy to activate and make better use of existing resources

3.15pm Afternoon tea

What’s wrong with Profit 

After four years at the helm of Philanthropy Australia, leading a refreshment of its strategy, approach and business model, Alan has been thinking pretty much exclusively of how we grow and increase the impact of philanthropy to achieve greater social, economic and health outcomes for an inclusive and sustainable society. But inevitably, this leads to much bigger and broader questions.

The conclusion he’s come to is that we need to address the flaw at the heart of economics, which is that our current notion of ‘profit’ doesn’t actually measure what we really value. Alan will be talking about an emerging way of thinking and a new organisation that is drawing on the latest tools and approaches in measurement to rectify this problem. The grand challenge is creating new comparable metrics that track movements in

social and natural capital alongside financial capital, and which can be integrated into a global framework that allows the market to invest in what really matters: human wellbeing. Complex? Yes. Ambitious? Yes. But it takes philanthropy to the next level.

Alan Schwartz AM
Philanthropy Australia President


We Must Rock the Boat to Get to Our Destination

Friends Provident Foundation is a medium sized foundation with a big ambition – to use all of its assets to bring about a fair and sustainable economic system; in our lifetime and for our children.

As a result, people often ask if they are taking on an impossible and possibly ridiculous challenge. Its director, Danielle Walker Palmour, will argue – by sharing its strategy, its approach to using its assets, new results from an evaluation of its work and its struggles to date – that attempting to disrupt the status quo is a vital challenge for all foundations and philanthropists no matter their size or mission

Danielle Walker Palmour
Director, Friends Provident Foundation (UK)
5.00pm Summary and Wrap-up

Sarah Davies
CEO, Philanthropy Australia

5.15pm Closing Drinks
6.30pm Close of Conference

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