Brooke Horne

Co-founder and Director of Philanthropy of the Equality Campaign


Brooke Horne is the co-founder and Director of Philanthropy of the Equality Campaign, the lead organisation for ‘YES’ in the 2017 postal survey. In 2015 Brooke, with his husband Tom, provided the seed funding to build the Equality Campaign to become Australia’s first professional LGBTI campaign organisation which, during the height of the postal survey, employed over 80 full time staff and 15,000 volunteers. On November 15, 2017 the Equality Campaign led a landslide win with 62% voting in favour of marriage equality. 

Brooke has previously worked as an employment and discrimination lawyer with Minter Ellison and is a member of Amnesty International 2020 Council and the New York based Global Equality Project. 

Professional development and learning opportunities

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