Stan Yarramunua



Stan Yarramunua is a man of many talents! Yarramunua is the proud owner and Manager of Art Yarramunua Gallery,  located in the heart of St Kilda, Melbourne run and 100% indigenous owned.  He has travelled across all areas of Victoria, Western Australia & Northern Territory and has been inspired by many ancestral artists and, as a result of his studies, he has become one of the best ambassadors for his people. He has become a true entrepreneur, guiding the youth of today and supporting their endeavours. He is a published author of his own book A Man Called Yarra which is a remarkable story of rags to riches, and Yarramunua is also an accomplished musician who has performed the didgeridoo with Stevie Wonder and U2. He is a well-known public speaker concerned that he forwards the culture of his people to audiences around Australia. Additionally, he he is the founder of Yarramunua Foundation for children, helping those affected by homelessness or drug and alcohol issues.

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