Program Day 2 

Held on Thursday 8 September

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8:00 am  Registration Desk Opens

8:45am - 10:40am

Day Two Opening
Tasneem Chopra OAM - Cross-Cultural Consultant

Day One Recap

Welcoming delegates to Day 2 and recapping themes of Day 1.

Adam Ognall- Executive Director - Engagement, Philanthropy Australia  

Principal Partner Address: AMP Foundation, celebrating 30 years of the Foundation

The AMP Foundation is a Principal Partner of the Philanthropy Australia National Conference 2022. Nicola Stokes, in-coming General Manager, AMP Foundation will deliver the address outlining the Foundation's support for the Conference and the work of Philanthropy Australia. This year, the AMP Foundation marks its 30th anniversary and there is a lot to celebrate as well as look forward to!

Nicola Stokes - General Manager, AMP Foundation

Keynote: Philanthropy & democratic governance

Professor Peter Shergold AC will share his views on the importance of demographic governance in philanthropy during these challanging times.

Chancellor Professor Peter Shergold AC - Chair, AMP Foundation

Keynote: How can we double philanthropic giving by 2030?

Dr Leigh will address the key element of Philanthropy Australia’s Election Statement, and that an Albanese Labor Government will work with the philanthropic, for-purpose and business sectors to develop a strategy to double philanthropic giving by 2030. 

Hon Dr Andrew Leigh MP -  Assistant Minister, Competition, Charities and Treasury 

Panel: The opportunities to grow structured giving 

This expert panel session looks at the different vehicles which support structured giving in Australia: private ancillary funds (PAFs), public ancillary funds (PuAFs), sub-funds, giving circles, as well as testamentary and other legacy trusts. It examines giving pledges and targeted initiatives designed to grow giving. The session also explores the key question of how we can inspire more people to give.

Jack Heath - CEO, Philanthropy Australia

Caitriona Fay - Private Social Investment businesses and ESG Strategy Lead, Perpetual Limited
Deborah Jenkins - Acting Comissioner, the Australian Chairites for Not-for-profits Comission (ACNC)
Dr Dave Kennedy - Founder,
Antonia Ruffell - CEO, StartGiving
Maree Sidey - CEO, Australian Communities Foundation

Morning tea

11:10am - 12:30pm

Keynote: Beyond our shores – Global Peace Index

The Global Peace Index is the world’s leading quantitative measurement of conflict, ranking 163 countries and independent territories. Global philanthropist Steve Killelea will share how this will help us develop a new understanding of peace.

Steve Killelea AM - Global Philanthropist

Keynote: Beyond our shores – Give2Asia 

Over the last 30 years American philanthropy has changed significantly, especially when it comes to overseas giving. In the past two decasdes Give2Asia has facilitated more than US$500 million from US-based funders to charities in 25 markets across the Asia Pacific region. The opening of new overseas philanthropy is now also happening in Australia: Birger Stamperdahl will look at how the sector can take advantage of this opportunity.

Birger Stamperdahl - President and CEO, Give2Asia 

Panel: Beyond our shores

The panel will examine Australia’s essential, but sometimes overlooked, connections to the rest of the world and the implications these connections have for giving and future philanthropic strategies. The panel will discuss why leading foundations are moving to international giving and how emerging philanthropists are adopting an innovative approach to tackling the Sustainable Development Goals. Moreover, the panel will consider that the relationship is two-way and discuss what domestic funders can learn from international funders today.  

Simon Lewis - Partner, GoodWolf, Chair, AIDN

Dr Salmah Eva-Lina Lawrence - Director, Systemic Change & Partnerships, International Women's Development Agency
Robyn King - Head of Social Impact, CANVA
Kevin Starr - CEO, Mulago Foundation
Danny Wu - CANVA Foundation, CANVA

12:30pm - 12:45pm Keynote Address: Ambassador of Ukraine to Australia His Excellency Vasyl Myroshnychenko, Ambassador of Ukraine to Australia


1:30pm - 2:30pm

Concurrent Breakout Sessions


How to do it and why people don’t: emerging findings on models and barriers to participatory grantmaking

In anticipation of a forthcoming report prepared by the Centre for Evidence and Implementation for the Paul Ramsay Foundation - that will look in more depth at participatory grantmaking - this session will explore this evolving practice, examining how it is being done and the barriers to adopting it.

Mary Abdo - Managing Director, Centre for Evidence and Implementation (CEI)
Renee Lim - CEO, Changineers, Director of Program Development, Pat McLean Centre

Shared power: shared leadership

In a world fuelled by popular movements and diversified power bases, the nature and application of power is changing. What are the implications for people of wealth and how they give?

Bettina Baldeschi - CEO, International Women’s Development Agency

Betty Barkha - Co-Chair, International Women's Development Agency (IWDA)
Dr Salmah Eva-Lina Lawrence - Director, Systemic Change & Partnerships, International Women's Development Agency (IWDA)
Kerry Gardner AM - Co-Chair, International Women’s Development Agency (IWDA)

People and planet: climate and environment funder showcase

Funding that protects our planet is already delivering real benefits for many Australians. In this session we will hear from philanthropists who fund biodiversity and climate change solutions that also leave a lasting impact for people and communities. We will explore projects that benefit First Nations people, those impacted by phasing out coal mining, young Australians, and regional communities. If you’re curious about what climate or environmental philanthropy can look like, this practical session is for you.

Amanda Martin OAM - CEO, Australian Environmental Grantmakers Network (AEGN)

Dr Beau Austin - Program Lead, Full Circle Foundation
Sara Parrott -  CEO, Hand Heart Pocket the Charity of Freemasons Queensland
Stephen Pfeiffer – Director, Stephen Pfeiffer Fund 

Amplify your impact: trends in philanthropic investment policy

In this session you will hear from influential sector leaders as they unpack current trends in philanthropic investment policy and the challenges of investing in turbulent markets while maintaining or increasing philanthropy goals.
As the world recovers from the pandemic, as an investor, we know now, more than ever, the future is uncertain leaving us asking what is best practice in the current climate? How can we deliver returns that ensure long term sustainability and fulfil the expectations of community partners?
This breakout session is an opportunity to receive up to date content that is informed by current market volatility. Stewards of both philanthropic capital and legacy will thoughtfully consider how the current market could affect the ability of structured giving vehicles and individuals to deliver for vulnerable communities and investment solutions to these questions.

Natalie Elliott - Head of Private Clients, Cooper Investors 
Michael Karagianis - Head of Wealth Partnerships, JANA Investment Advisors

Nicole Engelman - Philanthropy Manager, Cooper Family Office
Jenny Wheatley - CEO, Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation
David Williamson - Trustee, William Buckland Foundation

Driving change and impact through catalytic philanthropy

This workshop will explore the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation’s approach to catalytic philanthropy using examples from affordable housing, community climate resilience and digital inclusion. We will consider people, place and planet. Catalytic philanthropy (SSIR, Kramer M, 2009) is an approach that uses all the tools in the philanthropy tool box to support innovative solutions to difficult systemic problems. This workshop will explore our work in increasing the supply of affordable housing, increasing community resilience to climate change, and supporting digital transformation of the NFPs. We look forward to a lively exchange of ideas with colleagues. 

Dr Catherine Brown OAM - CEO, Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation

Dr Karyn Bosomworth - Program Manager, Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation
Erin Dolan - Senior Program Manager, Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation

How to embed Aboriginal knowledge in leadership styles

Based on the teachings of Dr Mary Graham and Dr Lilla Watson, Mundanara Bayles presents Aboriginal Terms of Reference in practice, an interactive workshop that unpacks Aboriginal Culture and Worldview. What kind of Governance System did Aboriginal people invent, how did they make decisions in a society that had no Monarchies, no chieftainship system, no leaders as such.... How did they run an entire country that lasted tens of thousands of years..This workshop will spark your curiosity to want to learn more about the oldest living continuous civilisational culture in world history... 

Mundanara Bayles - Managing Director and Co-Founder, BlackCard

2:40pm - 3:40 pm

Concurrent Breakout Sessions


More than money - how Corporate Philanthropy can catalyze change by harnessing all their resources and collaboration?

Corporate philanthropy is often at the core of new projects with NFPs driving societal change. Apart from financial investment, corporate philanthropy can bring commercial accountability and entrepreneurial spirit.
This was the case with Payce Consolidated when it became the first corporate philanthropist to support the End Street Sleeping Collaboration.
In this session we’ll look at how the Payce and End Street Sleeping Collaboration partnership came about and and how it has contributed to End Street Sleeping Collaboration being one of only two global cities to achieve the goal of a 25% reduction in rough sleeping.
We’ll also look at how this partnership draws focus to vulnerable groups – specifically non-resident women and children sleeping rough – with contribution from Erin Longbottom, Chair of the non-residents Right To Home campaign.

Erin Longbottom - Nursing Unit Manager – Homelessness Health Service, St Vincent Health Network Sydney
Dominic Sullivan - Director, End Street Sleeping Collaboration
Graham West - CEO, End Street Sleeping Collaboration

Effective philanthropy: what works and what doesn’t?

Philanthropists are increasingly recognising that they can only achieve innovation and impact by embedding participation in their institutions’ values, practices, communication patterns and behaviors. As part of AIDN’s agenda for more and better giving internationally, Partners for Equity’s African Portfolio Manager, Eve Omala together with Pete Yao, Chief Impact Officer at Thankyou, will lead an engaging conversation on how Thankyou restructured their grantmaking approach to amplify impact and how funders can approach their grantmaking differently, prioritising collaboration, trust and inclusivity.

Evelyn Omala - African Portfolio Manager, Partners for Equity
Peter Yao - Chief Impact Officer, Thankyou

Building boards' risk appetite for innovative arts funding models

The Australian arts sector was compelled to diversify, shift, and change through the pandemic. Echoing that spirit of transformation, the panel will explore the possibilities of alternative art funding models. Central to the discussion will be questions about boards' appetite for risk and exploration of more innovative funding models. And how can we encourage our boards to rethink their perspective on impact investing in the arts sector? Where do we begin and how can we maximise impact?

Neal Harvey - CEO, Tim Fairfax Family Foundation

Emily Albert - Executive Director, Alberts,The Tony Foundation
Paul Chamberlain - Chair, WA Foundation Council Art Gallery
Sophie Travers - CEO, Collingwood Yards, Melbourne

Lessons from funders: evaluating impact and advocacy

How do funders best leverage funding and impact for meaningful returns?
This discussion features lessons from three media philanthropists who will deepen your understanding of how to assess outcomes for social change, how to leverage support in early-stage growth to accelerate and deepen impact, and what Australian philanthropy can learn from the rise of NFP news models globally.
Using a real-world case study, this session uncovers transferable lessons from a start-up and some of its key backers as well as a leading global journalism funder.
Join moderator Max Mason (Journalist), Jim Brady (Knight Foundation, USA), Nick Fairfax (Jibb Foundation) and Leslie Falkiner-Rose (Ruffin Falkiner Foundation) alongside Public Interest Journalism Initiative (PIJI) CEO Anna Draffin, for a look behind the curtain into how funders think about funding advocacy.

Max Mason - Senior ReporterThe Australian Financial Review

Jim Brady - Vice President of Journalism, Knight Foundation
Anna Draffin - CEO, Public Interest Journalism Initiative (PIJI)
Nick Fairfax - Board Director, JIBB Foundation 
Leslie Falkiner-Rose - Trustee, Ruffin Falkiner Foundation

Partnering with community foundations for place-based impact

Community Foundations have deep local knowledge and networks that make them ideal partners for private Trust and Foundations looking to create place-based impact. Arguably, the national Community Foundation network is underutilised, and much untapped potential is yet to be unlocked. Impending DGR reform for Community Foundations will open new opportunities for collaboration.
This session will showcase a range of successful partnerships where the focus on place is key to success.
Objective: The session aims to illustrate the power and benefits of these partnerships through real-life examples, with each of the partners sharing their views about the experience

Vedran Drakulic OAM - CEO, Gandel Foundation

Alberto Furlan - Senior Program Manager, Ian Potter Foundation
Rosie Koop - Executive Officer, Tomorrow Today Foundation
Gerlinde Scholz - Executive Officer, Community Foundations Australia
Sue Stepatschuk - Executive Officer, Fremantle Foundation
Caroline Stewart - CEO, Ecstra Foundation
Genevieve Timmons - Philanthropic Executive, Industry Fellow, CSI Swinburne, Senior Associate, Paul Ramsay Foundation

Building frameworks to support First Nations' aspirations

The phrase where there’s a will, there’s a way is doubtless familiar, but when supporting the aspirations of our First Nations people, finding that way can take you on a journey of self-discovery through a painful history.
Ki te Hoe was developed by Tūmanako Consultants in partnership with Philanthropy New Zealand to build funder capacity to support Māori aspirations in a mana-enhancing way. In Australia, TACSI with the guidance of Aunty Vickey Charles has developed Many Threads of Allyship, practical prompts to help non-Indigenous organisations engage First Nations’ Peoples and foreground their wisdom; and Barmal Bijiril offers a unique model of collaboration and engagement, built around truth telling . Learn more about these frameworks and how they can inform and guide your giving to First Nations people.

Craig North - Managing Director, Indigenous Impact

Erin Matariki Carr - Facilitator, Tūmanako Consultants
Aunty Vickey Charles - Aboriginal Lead - Aunty in Residence, TACSI
John Harding - Executive Director, Barmal Bijiril Foundation 
Kate Frykberg - Associate, Tūmanako Consultants

Afternoon tea

4:10pm - 5:15pm

Panel: What have we heard? What have we learned?

The role of the Keynote Listeners the Philanthropy Australia Conference is to attend and actively listen to the plenary sessions and a selection of breakout sessions over the course of Wednesday 7 and Thursday 8 September.  Liaising with PA Storyteller, Nick Richardson, you will share your thoughts on the emerging themes through PA Social Media channels and participate in the final plenary session to share What have we heard? What have we learned? 

Lisa George - Co-Chair, Philanthropy Australia, Global Head, Macquarie Group Foundation

Naomi Anstess - General Manager, Indigenous Business Growth
Niall Fay - CEO, Fay Fuller Foundation
Armine Nalbandian - CEO, Centre for Social Impact

CEO Close Jack Heath - CEO, Philanthropy Australia

Performance - Big hART, When Water Falls

“It’s harder to hurt someone if you know their story.”

Big hART is Australia’s leading arts and social change organisation. Over 30 years, Big hART has delivered projects at the grassroots in 52 communities (rural, regional and isolated), working with over 10,000 individuals and garnering 45 awards.  When Water Falls was performed on the lawns of MONA at the Mona Foma Festival in Hobart. It is of exceptional artistic quality. 

Three songs have been selected that relate to People, Place and Planet, with spoken word narration in between each song to describe the connection, written by Big hART's Creative Director Scott Rankin.   Creative audio visual projection will accompany the three uplifting, poignant, thought provoking and soulful songs.

Delegate drinks and close (90mins)

Please note that the program is subject to change

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