Engage your family in philanthropy

Where: Elston, Elston House, Level 5, 850 Ann Street

When: Wed 6th Nov 2019, 09:00 – 12:00 (3 hours)

Engage Your Family in Philanthropy For Funders Involving the whole family in charitable giving can be a highly rewarding journey and set the foundations for an enduring giving tradition. However, sometimes it can quite difficult to get everyone on the same page or even interested in the families’ giving. This workshop is ideal for anyone looking to better engage their family in giving. This course covers: the family context; empowering new family members to get involved; practical and age-appropriate ideas; balancing diverging priorities and values; and transitioning the Family Foundation to the next generation. Courses will be conducted in June & November Brisbane: Wednesday 6 November 1-4pm Register here. Facilitator: Amanda Sartor


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