Fundamentals for Impact: Doing good better

Where: Melbourne & Sydney

When: Mon 3rd Jun 2019, 13:00 to Mon 24th Jun 2019, 13:00 (3 weeks)

Fundamentals for Impact: Doing good better For Funders & Fund Seekers We are all in this sector to do good, but are we really making a difference? This course covers: can we prove we’re doing good?; how can we do better?; are our Board and management team talking about the right issues?; the SVA Fundamentals for Impact have been developed to help social sector leaders improve organisational effectiveness and lead to better outcomes; and this course will provide an introduction to the SVA Fundamentals for Impact and how it can be used to drive positive change in the social sector, both within your organisation, but also for shared, system-wide goals. Courses will be conducted in June Melbourne Monday 3 June 1-4pm; Sydney Monday 24 June 1-4pm Register here. Facilitators: Simon Faivel, Diana Ferner, James Dudfield & Katya Andreyeva


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