NFMRI 2019 Medical Research and Innovation conference

Where: Peppers, The Sands Resort, Torquay VIC

When: Wed 20th Nov 2019 to Thu 21st Nov 2019 (2 days)

“Aligning intent: working towards a more sustainable, efficient and effective medical research ecosystem”

NFMRI’s fourth conference, “Aligning intent: working towards a more sustainable, efficiency and effective medical research ecosystem” will take place on the 20th and 21st of November 2019 at Peppers The Sands Resort in Torquay, Victoria. While our previous conferences sought to discuss key issues affecting the medical research and innovation sectors and to explore strategies and solutions to help build, support and grow the biomedical innovation sector in Australia, our fourth conference will hone in on the importance and benefits or aligning intent and working towards achieving the purpose of our donors and supporters. The purpose of many organisations, including charities, relates to delivering better health outcomes for the community. The biggest funder of health and medical research in Australia is the NHMRC, which is also funded by the community through taxes. When asked, the general public believes that medical research should be funded because it helps save lives, improves health outcomes, finds cures and treatments for diseases. The intent is clear and consistent. However, is our community’s intent currently aligned with and being met by the medical research sector? By accepting funding is there a social contract to prioritise intent. This year’s conference will explore benefits, harm and wastage in the medical research ecosystem and how together we can lead cultural and systems change in order to do better. It will also focus on ways the sector can improve efficiencies and communication with various stakeholders, including the general community. Because success relies on harnessing many skills sets across various sectors including research, industry, investors, government and philanthropy, the conference will focus on the role each of these play in achieving outcomes.


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