Rethinking Leadership in Education

Where: Adelaide

When: Tue 24th Sep 2019, 14:30 – 16:30 (2 hours)

The Menzies Foundation aspires to support the development of a contemporary understanding of ‘outstanding leadership’ by encouraging Australians to reflect on leadership to build their own leadership capability and contribute to the community. To do this the Foundation: • identifies Australian leadership challenges • supports initiatives to build leadership capability in those strategic areas of focus • from this work, identifies the leadership qualities and attributes that Australians need to lead in a national and global context • builds engagement platforms to share these insights with the Australian community. One of the Foundation’s key strategic areas of focus is School Leadership. And we have challenged ourselves to answer the following questions: • What attributes do school leaders needs to improve student learning outcomes? • How do we develop these leaders? • How do we build leadership capability across the education system? In partnership with ACER, EY, Clear Horizons and Angela Mina Consulting, the Foundation launched the Menzies School Leader Fellowship Program in 2018. This catalytic incubator is focused on working with school leaders to develop a systemic approach to support leadership development to improve student learning outcomes. We are hoping that you will join us to share our respective approaches to supporting education initiatives and explore opportunities for collaboration. Speaker profile: Liz Gillies, CEO, The Menzies Foundation Liz Gillies is an Honorary Fellow, Asia Pacific Social Impact Centre, University of Melbourne. She has over 20 years’ experience in social impact, philanthropy and leadership development, having worked across the not-for-profit, university, government and private sectors. Liz was instrumental in establishing and managing both the Centre for Ethical Leadership and the Asia Pacific Centre for Social Impact during her six years with the Melbourne Business School at the University of Melbourne.


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