Back Better Together: Affordable Housing Funders Network

Where: Online

When: Tue 24th Nov 2020, 10:30 – 11:30 (1 hour)

Affordable Housing Funders Network – Using philanthropy to build affordable housing through alternative financing pathways

As Australia begins to focus on a post-COVID recovery plan, governments across jurisdictions and layers have initiated plans to invest in affordable housing including further federal investment in debt financing. There are also efforts among both for profit and not-for-profit housing developers to utilise non-traditional sources of finance, such as superannuation funds.

In this complex and rapidly evolving space, philanthropic contributors are considering their role in the creation of affordable housing.

This session will explore a number of alternative financing pathways for philanthropy and review their effectiveness. Hear examples from UK, USA and New Zealand, as well as from Australia, and the framework philanthropy should consider when financing affordable housing. Speakers will discuss philanthropy’s unique role in creating affordable housing by deploying catalytic capital.

Our Speakers

Leo Mburu: Social finance Relationship Manager, SEFA

Leo is a chartered management accountant, experienced in commercial support, planning and analysis. She became immersed in the social impact sector with On Purpose UK, leading projects with purpose-driven organisations to deliver social impact.

Passionate about driving systemic change for environmental and social justice, she is the chair of SIMNA Sydney and studies sustainability at the University of Sydney.

Renee Martin: Head of Engagement, SEFA

Renee’s path to Sefa has taken her overseas, around Australia and spanned the not-for-profit, public and private sectors. Her passion is public health and she has worked in service provision for vulnerable communities in Asia and the Pacific, as well as a policy advisor with the Australian Government. More recently, Renee has been engaged as a Director in PwC’s Economics and Policy team and she brings this experience, and her commitment to social impact, to Sefa.


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