Impact100 Fremantle

Impact100 Fremantle inspires at least 100 donors to contribute $1,000 annually and then pool the contributions to make high impact grants to local charities and projects. Impact100 Fremantle is a great way to get involved in giving and together make a significant impact on the greater Fremantle community.

Each year they make a game-changing grant of $100,000 to empower local community organisations, working in the Federal seat of Fremantle, to dream bigger. Donors at the annual Voting and Awards Night choose the grant recipient collectively.

Anyone is welcome to join Impact100 Fremantle. They welcome donations from individuals, families and businesses who want to become part of their giving circle.

Impact100 Fremantle is a Named Fund, managed by the Fremantle Foundation. The Fremantle Foundation is an independent, not-for-profit community foundation whose central role is to encourage philanthropic giving. They provide specialist fund management and grant-making expertise to individuals, families and groups wanting to contribute to causes they care about.

Their Mission

Impact100 Fremantle aims to:

  • Provide high-impact grants that reach underserved populations
  • Raise the profile of deserving and lesser-known not-for-profits
  • Highlight unmet needs in our community
  • Increase philanthropy

Their Impact

In six years, Impact100 Fremantle has raised $705,000 for local projects and organisations working in the Federal seat of Fremantle. This is made up of six major grant distributions of $100,000 and 18 finalist grants.

Impact100 Fremantle is proud of their major grant recipients and their achievements:

2013: Dismantle – Bike Rescue Project
2014: FORM – 100 Hampton Road Kitchen
2015: Growing Change – Fremantle Social Farm
2016: Night Hoops – Youth Engagement Basketball Program
2017: Ngalla Maya Aboriginal Employment Access
2018: Fremantle PCYC – Breakfast Club

More Information

Did you know you can now make 10x monthly instalments of $100 donations or choose to donate $1,000 in one go? Find further details visit their website.

If you would like to donate as part of a group or workplace, please contact our Social Impact Manager.

Hannah Fitch-Rabbitt, Social Impact Manager

0422 696 254

Brooke Aslett, Administration Assistant

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