Impact100 Sydney

The Impact 100 model is simple. 100 donations of $1,000 are combined, raising $100,000 each year and granted to an organisation that can have a real and measurable impact for our city.

It's one of the fastest-growing movements in philanthropy, and for a good reason - your donation goes 100 times further through the power of collective giving, and you have a direct say in where the money goes.

In 2017, Impact100 Sydney’s members voted to award our first $100,000 grant to Leichhardt Women’s Community Health Centre as part of their focus on young people at risk in greater Sydney. Impact100 is living up to its name - read more about their impact to date.

In 2018, their focus was on social inclusion, with the aim of supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and refugees as well as young people at risk. Their second grant was awarded to The Australian Literacy & Numeracy Foundation for its Refugee Action Support program.

And in 2019, Impact100 Sydney was pleased to announce that Open Support was the recipient of their third grant, addressing the theme of “Building Safer Communities for Children and Young People”, focusing on domestic and family violence.

Being a part of our giving community is easy. You can choose how involved you might want to be; from a simple donor to joining one of our operational committees. If you're looking to learn more about philanthropy, Impact100 Sydney offers a great place to start.

Impact100 Sydney offers its donors the opportunity to:

  • Share the giving process with others and be part of a network
  • Meet fellow donors with a common interest
  • Make philanthropy accessible

More Information

For more details, visit their website.

Anyone interested in participating in Imapct100 Sydney should get in touch with Corinne Kemp at

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