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"Although I only gave $1000, when we made the grant of $100,000 I felt like a major donor. The impact we has as a group was inspiring."  Impact100 WA member

Impact100 groups gather at least one hundred people to donate $1000 each annually and then pools their contributions to make large impact grants to local projects and charities that are collectively chosen by the donors at an annual Grant Awards Dinner. Donations are usually fully tax-deductible and the whole $1000 donation goes directly toward the grants.

The grant strategy includes making one primary grant of $100,000 each year. Impact100 groups want to have an extraordinary impact with this primary grant being a game changer, empowering the receiving organisation to dream bigger. Donor involvement and learning is core to the strategy and process. Donors can be as hands-on or hands-off as they like and they will all have the opportunity to be involved in the grant decision-making process.

Grant recipients and the community are the main beneficiaries. But also, donors will experience the satisfaction of being involved in engaged philanthropy, knowing that their contribution becomes part of a transformational grant, funding projects within local communities and improving quality of life. Successful grant recipients also benefit from raised public profiles, potentially attracting additional funding. Any organisation unsuccessful in attracting an Impact100 grant may find new avenues of funding as a result of undergoing the review and selection process.

Impact100 is not only about responding to community needs, it is equally about providing educational opportunities to members. Presentations by applicants and not-for-profit leaders offer rare insights into the communities around us, thereby encouraging further engagement as donors, volunteers or mentors.

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James Boyd, Committee Member
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