Impact100 WA

Impact100 WA was the first giving circle of its kind in Australia and was started back in 2012 in Western Australia.

Their Goal

As with the other Impact100 models, here and in the US, their goal is to make transformative grants to smaller, local not-for-profits by funding projects that make a significant and measurable difference to an under-served cause or population. Their other goal is to widen the appeal of and access to philanthropy within Western Australia.

Their Model

Impact100 WA has a simple model – at least 100 people each donate $1000, which is then pooled to make at least one large impact grant of $100,000. For the last four years, they have gathered enough donors to make two of these grants per year.

Donors can be fully involved in the assessment process, attending site visits and assessment evenings and digging deep into how to make the most significant difference. Or they can turn up for the Awards Dinner in October and use the pitches of the top five to make their choices.

Impact100 WA has five focus areas: Arts & Culture, Education, Environment, Family & Community, Health & Wellness, which means they can cover a wide variety of causes and organisations.

Their Impact

Since 2012, they have given away over $1.2 million in direct grants. Furthermore, Impact100 WA has facilitated the donation of at least $585,000 to the not-for-profits that have applied to them.

Impact100 WA has made 11 Primary Grants of $100,000 as well as 20 runner-up grants of $10,000.

In 2018, they had 189 donors, with another 150 on their database. Impact100 WA keeps its donors updated with how their donation is making a difference and provide opportunities for further education through talks and presentations.

More Information

For further details, visit their website.

General enquiries:

James Boyd

0417 977 022

Grants enquiries:

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