Melbourne Women’s Fund

Melbourne Women’s Fund has a simple aim: to engage Melbourne women in philanthropy which benefits our community. 

This will be done by women coming together in what we call 'A Giving Circle', to pool their financial, intellectual, professional and personal resources to benefit groups and organisations in Melbourne that are bravely dealing with issues that undermine the quality of life and futures of women and their families.

Membership is open to all women, of any age, interest or background – we only ask that they add value by contributing their donation so we can grow the fund and make a real difference.

Melbourne Women’s Fund is a newly established (2014) Collective Giving Account, under the auspices of the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation.

Melbourne Women’s Fund was co- founded by Patricia Burke and Gillian Hund, friends and philanthropy colleagues who recognised a need in Melbourne for the establishment of a women’s giving circle.

Both women were inspired by visiting philanthropic leader and luminary Colleen Willoughby, who co-founded the Washington Women’s Foundation nearly twenty years ago. This organisation has since donated over $13 million to their local community in Seattle and Puget Sound in Washington State. It has served as a guiding light for many similar giving circles across the USA and now in Australia. Colleen was brought to Australia on a speaking tour regarding “The Power of Collaborative Giving” by the Australian Women Donors Network in 2013.


A better life and future for women and families of Melbourne.


Promoting giving, raising awareness, investing in changes and empowering futures

Melbourne Women’s Fund will engage women in the power of giving collectively – rather than individually – within a group of like-minded women.

Members are encouraged to participate in philanthropy through learning about needs in our communities, by our grant making and their involvement with our funded groups and organisations. We anticipate they will be energised by a spirit of collaboration and excited about really making a difference with their giving.

We are not trying to replicate what other funders are doing well, we are looking to make ‘bold’ grants to emerging organisations and groups who may not otherwise attract seed or critical funding. The Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation’s ‘Women in Philanthropy’ initiative will assist the Melbourne Women’s Fund throughout this process.

More information

Co Founders: Gillian Hund and Patricia Burke

c/- Suite 205, 122 Toorak Rd
South Yarra,  VIC   3141

Phone: (03) 9867 2164


Facebook page (for upacoming events):

From our Launch in July 2014: Pat Burke, Susan Alberti (our Launch speaker and inaugural Life Member), and Gillian Hund at Victoria Women’s Trust, Melbourne.

Also at the Launch, Advisory Board Members: Amy Coote, Pat, Melissa Chen, Gillian Hund, Catherine Brown, Janet Hirst, and guest and supporter, Julie Reilly.


Genevieve Timmons speaking at a member event.

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