Need to stay up to date with the latest developments in philanthropy? Interested in tools and resources to help you create change? Looking for like-minded networks and access to events to share information and learn?

Philanthropy Australia provides its members with a comprehensive service, an admirable achievement given the fluid nature of the philanthropic sector. By respecting and understanding both sides of the Philanthropic landscape Philanthropy Australia have developed a unique ability to support, educate and advance the needs and wishes of both the philanthropists and grant seekers. Connecting, sharing and learning are key take outs for us, a small not-for-profit appreciative of the unwavering support provided by the leader in Australian Philanthropy. 

Jason Kimberley, Cool Australia (Connected Member)


Why should I become a Connected member?

For funders, non-profits and for-purpose organisations

By becoming a Connected member, you’re joining a community that is dedicated to fostering powerful social change. A Connected membership gives you the key to be able to access tools, resources, and conversations that can help you achieve your philanthropic and for-purpose goals and objectives.

What’s included in my Connected membership?

As a Connected member, you'll have unlimited access to engage with others through the Better Giving Hub and discounted ticketing to Philanthropy Australia events. Perfect for anyone in the social sector who wants to better understand or keep up with the rapidly changing philanthropic landscape or those who are mildly curious about philanthropy.


Unlimited access to the Better Giving Hub, our digital platform which supports a community of interest across the sector and facilitates fast peer connections, stronger networks and collaboration for shared outcomes. Include your colleagues, Board members, and Trustees and be part of this community of interest.

The Better Giving Hub is home to: 

Funder members also get access through the Better Giving Hub to:

  • Online Advocacy Toolkit 


All members have access to preferential pricing to ticketed events held by Philanthropy Australia each year. Our major events include the biennial Philanthropy Australia National Conference, the biennial Philanthropy Meets Parliament Summit, and the annual Australian Philanthropy Awards. 


All members receive a digital subscription to Alliance magazine; and

Unlimited subscriptions to Philanthropy Weekly (member edition) with full access to the latest stories, news, and developments in philanthropy.


What our Connected members have to say

"We have found the resources of Philanthropy Australia invaluable. Additionally, the technical team has been only too willing to assist us in educating staff and clients on the benefits of engaging in philanthropy." 

Steven Wright, Director of Morgans Client Giving Foundation 


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Please note: You will need to select and confirm your preferred membership level as the final step of the process.

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12-month membership @ $610 + GST

More information:

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Please get in touch with your State Manager if you have additional questions or would like to discuss the membership packages further.

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