2019's top 5 stories in philanthropy

A snapshot of the nation's giving

There were eye-catching bequests, innovative approaches to advocacy, and creative ways to drive systems change across a busy year in Australian philanthropy. Here are our top five Philanthropy Australia stories that we believe captured the spirit and mood of the nation’s approach to giving in 2019.

The passion for giving behind the nation’s biggest cultural gift

The $38 million bequest from James and Diana Ramsay to the Art Gallery of South Australia is not only an extraordinary cultural gift, it is the culmination of a long tradition of the Ramsays supporting the gallery, dating back to 1972. This story captured the history of the couple’s giving, across the years and across the various cultural endeavours, from visual art to ballet. November 2019

A new approach to tackling the urgent challenges confronting the nation’s water resources

At a time when the nation’s rivers, wetlands, lakes and groundwater systems have never been more precious, a partnership between the Ian Potter Foundation and the Myer Foundation to establish a water and catchment policy centre that will “catalyse transformative change’’ in the management of our water resources is a compelling example of advocacy for a critical cause. December 2019

Changing the rules to change a life

Max Elliott’s life has not been easy: he has Autism Spectrum disorder with a language disability but the Queensland teenager is central to a whole new way of playing rugby union that opens up the opportunity for other kids struggling with issues of their own. A modified rules program developed with Max’s family and rugby authorities has spread to five cities and two states and given Max an insight in to a whole new way of life. October 2019

Football’s ugliest moment becomes a national debate

There have been few moments in the past decade that have polarised the Australian Rules Football community more than the treatment of Sydney Swans’ player Adam Goodes, who was booed out of the game he adorned. Thanks to philanthropist and filmmaker Ian Darling’s The Final Quarter we revisit the controversy and start a new conversation about racism in sport. July 2019

“One of the worst things you can do is leave your kids large amounts of money”: The Barefoot Investor

If there’s one thing Scott Pape knows, it’s what to do with money, and he’s turned that certainty in to a weekly newspaper column and two best-selling advice books. At a time when banks are on the nose and financial advisors facing profound scrutiny, what is it about Scott (aka The Barefoot Investor) that is behind his financial wisdom? And how do you develop the passion to give? February 2019

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