FMA Dashboard launch

Centralising granting data with Foundation Maps: Australia dashboard

When it comes to identifying the value behind Foundation Maps: Australia, Rikki Andrews has no doubt that it offers something unique.

Example of FMA Dashboard. Click image to visit the Dashboard

“It’s an online resource anyone wanting to make a grant – say, funding an Indigenous program in Shepparton – can see who else is active in that location and in that space,’ Rikki, Foundation Advisor at Fouress Foundation says.

“They can see if there’s too much funding activity or not enough. And it enables them to answer the question – ‘Who do I connect with?’’’

Foundation Maps: Australia (FMA) is an online tool that is built on Philanthropy Australia (PA) members uploading their granting information and over time, creating a deep and compelling data set that will show who is funding what and where across the country. And central to that, will be the opportunity to forge new co-funding partnerships and collaborations.

Next week PA will launch the FMA dashboard, a publicly accesible infographic that will display the granting data on FMA in a dynamic and easily consumed format. The development of the dashboard is generously supported by the Fouress Foundation, to enable PA members to contribute to building an accurate picture of the nation’s giving.

PA has partnered with US-based Candid to develop the platform that will help grantmakers’ activities become smarter and more strategic by increasing the availability of grants data. The platform is simple to operate – it is interactive and searchable, but it depends on grantmakers uploading the relevant information to provide the raw data. The impact of committing that data to the platform is that it will make clear the granter’s funding priorities to other philanthropists and help affirm an organisation’s own story of giving. 

Earlier this year, the Fouress Foundation backed up its commitment to Foundation Maps by funding a position for a person to spend four to five days collating and uploading the foundation’s grant history from the previous five years. The investment also provided the foundation with its own template – consistent language and coding - that will enable it to manage its annual upload of data to the platform.

“There is definitely a gap in the market that Foundation Maps addresses,’’ Rikki says. “It enables granters to find out what causes, projects or programs don’t need funding or have already been funded.

“We don’t know what everyone in philanthropy is doing. This online tool can help eliminate duplication and assist collaboration so we optimise outcomes for the community,’’ she says.

The Foundation Maps: Australia platform is generously supported by the Fouress Foundation, Ian Potter Foundation, Gandel Philanthropy, Perpetual Trustees and the Paul Ramsay Foundation.

See the Foundation Maps: Australia dashboard here. 

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