COVID-19 Funder Response Survey III

Last year, as the pandemic set in and the charities sector was sent into crisis mode, Philanthropy Australia conducted two funder surveys in May and August respectively to gauge the response of the philanthropic sector and examine how funders were changing their practices to support their partners through the crisis.

Now, a year on from our initial surveys, we are looking to understand to what extent COVID has shifted philanthropic practice in the long term by undertaking a follow-up funder survey.

The insights from this survey will inform a Philanthropy Australia report to be released later this year on insights gained from COVID and examining to what extent 2020 has shifted the philanthropic landscape.

We invite you, our funder members, to be part of the survey by following this link. Your answers will be anonymous unless you wish to be considered as a case study for the report. This survey is open until 11 June 2021.


In May 2020, Philanthropy Australia released the results of a survey of Australia's leading philanthropic trusts and foundations funding response to COVID-19. Full survey results can be found here

To develop a broader, ongoing understanding of philanthropy's response to the pandemic, we conducted a follow-up survey in June 2020, the results of which show that philanthropy has continued its rapid, generous and flexible response. Follow up results can be found here.


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