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Non-Executive Director: Philanthropy

August 17th, 2022


Australasian Leukaemia & Lymphoma Group


Melbourne, Victoria

Position Title:


Position Description:

A unique opportunity is available to make a substantial contribution to the success of ALLG. Working closely with all board members and the Chief Executive Officer, you will contribute to the strategic direction and governance of the organisation to ensure it operationalises its strategic priorities.

ALLG is seeking a professional board member with philanthropy and fundraising expertise. Drawing upon extensive existing relationships within the philanthropic sector, the Director will support high-net worth individuals, Trusts and Foundations, and corporate engagement linkages to advance the ALLG objectives  The Director will welcome opportunities to advocate with the Chairman of the Board, fellow Directors, and management to advance partnerships with those that share our vision. The Director will be a valued support and resource to ALLG management to assist with strategizing the ALLG's philanthropy and fundraising campaigns, and advocacy work. The Director will provide advice, guidance, and connections in philanthropic, trusts and foundations and corporate linkages.

This is non-remunerated Director role. The ALLG Board meet approx. six times per year, and the ALLG AGM is held in Oct/Nov each year.

Key responsibilities:
1. Act within one’s powers under Corporations Law and ALLG’s Constitution, consistently with the purposes for which the powers were conferred to act honestly and within the principles of good governance.
2. Provide members with accurate and sufficient information when seeking their support for decisions.
3. Give members honest opinion and advice.
4. Act in the best interests of the organisation.
5. Ensure compliance with the Code of Conduct agreed by the Board.
6. Discharge their duties in good faith and honestly in the best interests of the entity, and with the level of skill and care expected.
7. Use the powers of their office for proper purpose.
8. Act with required care and diligence.
9. Demonstrate commercial reasonableness in their decision making.
10. Disclose and avoid personal conflicts of interest.
11. Ensure personal interests, or interests of any associated person, do not conflict with the interests of ALLG.
12. Not allow the improper use of information gained through their position as director.
13. Ensure diligent analysis of all proposals placed before the Board.
14. Make reasonable inquiries to ensure ALLG is operating efficiently, effectively, and legally towards achieving its goals.

Enquiries can be made to Delaine Smith, CEO at or
03 8373 9701.   A full position description can be found at the link below.

Application Deadline:

    23 August 2023

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Australasian Leukaemia & Lymphoma Group