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ACF and AEGN announce partnership

December 09th, 2014

Australian Communities Foundation (ACF) and the Australian Environmental Grantmakers Network (AEGN) have established a new partnership that promises to enrich the knowledge and experience of the members and donors of both organisations.

As key organisations in the philanthropic sector, ACF and AEGN have established this framework for cooperation with the express aim to enhance learning and collaboration opportunities for their respective members and donors. This will be achieved through the exchange of resources, knowledge and expertise as well as mutual access to events and networks.

Established in 2009, the AEGN is a member organisation for trusts, foundations and individual donors who care about the environment. The AEGN works with members to develop their grantmaking so that it is as effective as possible – helping members to identify what they are passionate about, learn more about their field of interest, find organisations to fund and bringing them together to collaborate, share knowledge and co-fund.  ACF began in 1997 to offer individuals, families, groups, corporations and not-for-profit organisations an easy and satisfying way of giving something real back to the communities they care about. With a huge breadth of grantmaking expertise and a comprehensive knowledge of community issues, ACF is well placed to assist donors to make grants that achieve their charitable giving goals as well as addressing needs in the community. The mutually beneficial partnership between ACF and the AEGN will support and develop the activities and capabilities of each organisation.

ACF CEO Jonathan Chapman said the organisation was delighted to partner with the AEGN to provide better outcomes for their donors. “ACF is dedicated to providing the best options, resources and experience for our donors. Partnering with the AEGN will enhance our grantmaking service. This will be achieved through sharing information and ideas in areas such as programs, strategic plans, research and policy. The partnership will also allow ACF to provide our adviser network with complimentary access to the AEGN’s e-learning course, Philanthropy for Wealth Advisers, which provides in-depth guidance on environmental giving and how to establish a giving vehicle,” Mr Chapman stated. 

AEGN Executive Officer Amanda Martin said that the partnership with ACF is a reflection of the AEGN’s core philosophy, “We recognise that so much more can be achieved by working together than by working alone – by sharing our knowledge and networks and working together to build momentum. Because of that, we are very excited at the prospect of learning from ACF and its sub-funders and sharing our knowledge about the role of philanthropy in solving critical environmental issues.”

Both the ACF and the AEGN will continue to seek out mutually beneficial arrangements with other organisations to provide better outcomes for their donors, members, advisers, grant recipients and the philanthropic sector as a whole.

For further details on the work that ACF undertakes, please visit For information regarding AEGN, please visit

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