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Australia’s largest personal philanthropic contribution to a university

July 12th, 2016

Graham and Louise Tuckwell have announced a philanthropy gift to Australian National University (ANU) worth around $200 million over 30 years, to fund a major expansion of the prized Tuckwell Scholarship Program.

The funding will come from two iconic new halls of residence at ANU to be built over the next two years, funded by Graham and Louise Tuckwell at a cost of around $100 million. The expansion also includes construction of a $10 million Scholars House building, which will be the pastoral, academic and social heart of the Tuckwell Scholarship program.

The collegiate-style residences will each house 400 ANU students in the heart of the campus. The new halls will provide students with one of the world’s best experiences of living on-campus.

Revenue from the residences will fund the Tuckwell Scholarship Program in perpetuity and will lead to an increase in the number of scholarships offered each year.

Tuckwell Scholarships are awarded to students across Australia who show both academic merit and a commitment to give back to the Australian community. The program has a vision to provide opportunity and to inspire role models and leaders who can make a difference to Australia and the world.

Tuckwell Scholarships are awarded to 25 students each year. The Scholarships are worth $21,700 a year for five years of undergraduate study. Scholars also receive mentoring and other support services through Scholars House.

Further information about the Tuckwell Scholarships is available here.

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