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Celebrating Queensland Philanthropy Week

June 19th, 2019

The Sunshine State has celebrated its annual ‘Philanthropy Week’, with the Queensland Community Foundation (QCF) 2019 Philanthropist of the Year Awards.

The inaugural QCF Board of Governors’ Award for Outstanding Achievement went to Philanthropy Australia member Hand Heart Pocket, who work tirelessly across Queensland and Papua New Guinea, supplying major donations to for purpose organisations that address areas of significant and under-resourced societal need.

Art dealer and philanthropist Philip Bacon was named Community Philanthropist of the Year. Philip’s influence extends beyond his donation of cash gifts and artworks, to include leadership and advocacy, and support for preservation of the nation’s art history.

Founder of the pub choir phenomenon, Astrid Jorgensen, was named Emerging Philanthropist of the Year, recognising her work in creating an innovative and exciting platform for community engagement.

One of Queensland’s best-known construction firms, Hutchinson Builders, was named Corporate Philanthropist of the Year. “Hutchies’’ has supported charities and causes for more than a century, building deep connections in to their communities and donating $3 million a year.

Scott Williams was named Higher Education Philanthropist of the Year while Versace Timbers and Elliott Australia shared the SME Philanthropy award.

Winner of last year’s QFC Community Philanthropist of the Year, Tim Fairfax AC, with wife Gina and one of their daughters, Prue, spoke candidly about the family’s giving at the awards’ announcement.

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