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Charities complain of funding difficulties

April 08th, 2015

Many charities claim they have never felt poorer, despite enjoying income and asset value growth.

A new report from the not-for-profit body Community Council of Australia says charities now have less money for discretionary spending, and aren't being given enough money by governments.

It's a problem facing dozens of not-for-profit groups around the country.

Just how will the future look for them as governments provide less funding and there is more competition for philathropic donations?

It's an issue that prompted a report by the Community Council of Australia.

It found that charities have been enjoying major growth with 175-billion dollars in assets, and turnover of more than 107-billion dollars.

But the Chief Executive of World Vision, Tim Costello says most of the growth in the sector came before the Global Financial Crisis, when Australians were optimistic and charitable.

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