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Corporate support and community – a new view

April 01st, 2022

A new analysis of the growing relationship between corporate Australia and the nation’s for-purpose sector points to a deep potential for developing partnerships that can amplify the impact for each sector.

The JBWere Corporate Support Report makes several important observations about how the scale and growth of corporate community investment is being more recognised and understood by the for-purpose sector.

Nicola Stokes, CEO, Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation, said: “This report confirms for us that powerful partnerships can only be built on a shared understanding of purpose – this is the first crucial step.’’

 “Furthermore, it gives us pause to look up and out from our day-to-day and imagine what is possible by embarking on significant, collaborative innovation that brings us closer to the fulfilment of the purpose that compels us.’’

The report observes that corporate community investment as part of broader corporate social responsibility is becoming more integrated into corporate operations.

It states: “Analysis of the top 50 Australian companies for community investment offers a view of the link between that company and the causes supported and also the growing diversity of operating models providing that support.’’

One of the report’s key messages is highlighting the need for an informed choice behind any corporate and for-purpose partnership – the right fit is central to the end success.

“Understanding the shape of Australian business by industry type, size and profitability and therefore different stakeholder mix, is an important part of the research needed when considering engaging with a potential partner,’’ the report says.

 Similarly, corporates need to understand why they are engaging with community organisations, what might be distinctive about their support and “…what causes make sense for their situation.’’

Research, the report states, is the key to increasing understanding and identifying the appropriate opportunities to partner.

“For community and for-purpose groups, the reasons to engage include the sheer scale and perhaps hidden existing connections to the corporates and the complimentary skill between the two sectors. The need to understand this sector to increase chances to partner is very important…,’’ the report says.

Tim Diamond, General Manager, Cotton On Foundation, said: “The data that this report delivers, allows us to not only understand the wider impact we all make as businesses, but should drive us all to be ever better in our focus on doing good.’’

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