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Finding the data to drive diversity

February 05th, 2021

National Conference Speaker: Senator Ratna Omidvar

By the middle of the month, Canadian Senator Ratna Omidvar will have the first part of what could be a step towards what she calls “nation building of another kind.’’

On February 11, Canada’s national statistics body will release its first survey of diversity on the boards of the nation’s charities and not for profit sector.

The survey is a response to an open letter Senator Omidvar wrote last June in The Philanthropist, where she called on Canadian charities and non-profits to scrutinise their own diversity. The sector employs two million Canadians, contributes eight per cent to the nation’s GDP but, as Senator Omidvar, asked in her article: “What about its diversity?’’

Senator Omidvar, who is one of the keynote speakers at the Philanthropy Australia conference in April, knew that the first step to increasing diversity – and tackling the scourge of racism – was getting hard data.

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