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Genevieve Timmons steps down from Portland House

December 18th, 2017

After 13 years, Genevieve Timmons is stepping down from her role as CEO of the Portland House Foundation.

The end of the year is also the end of an era for Portland House Philanthropic Executive, Genevieve Timmons, who will retire from her role along with Steven Hains, board Chair.

Timmons says the decision felt like a natural conclusion to her tenure.

“After 13 years, it’s more of a celebration than anything else,” she says. “Steve and I have had such a tremendous partnership together over the years and it’s very rewarding that he and I are able to sign off together.”

The partnership between Timmons and Hains resulted in several ground-breaking approaches to grantmaking, including the development of a high-trust, low paperwork model that influenced modern philanthropic practice here and in New Zealand.

“When we first started out, Steve said: ‘If we can’t fund a not-for-profit with a handshake then why are we funding them?’”

The Portland House Foundation’s high-trust model prioritises face to face contact and full and frank communication.

“The systems we developed provided a platform for granting relationships that were characterised by no surprises,” Timmons says. “It was always an open line of communication between us and our grantees.

“Thanks to Steve’s style and the frameworks he set in place as Chair, we’ve been able to demonstrate how grantees can be counted on to bring their best management and acumen to the table with a light touch.”

Timmons insists this isn’t the end of her philanthropic story, merely time for the next chapter. She will continue in her roles as Philanthropy Australia Council member, Director of the George Hicks Foundation and Advisory Group member of the Fellowship for Indigenous Leadership.

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