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Impact network to shift outcomes

August 06th, 2021

Four years ago, The Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI) embarked on research that revealed that people were missing out vital “literacy’’ about the choices confronting them towards the end of their life.

The impetus for the research came from the JO and JR Wicking Trust asking TACSI to identify where the Trust could most effectively invest to maximise potential for impact and to support innovative responses.

The research also showed that there was a disconnect between key stages on the journey towards the end of life, including personal transitions that might focus on progression of illness, medical transitions that might involve the movement from general practice to acute care and funding stream transitions, such as between and within health care streams or aged care streams.

TACSI’s response was to try to join up the current approaches and those working for change within the system to create a diverse Impact Network that supported members to share knowledge and ultimately do new things.

Here’s what happened next: Case study: Shifting end of life outcomes - The Australian Centre for Social Innovation 

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