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Leonardo DiCaprio’s giving just got way more interesting

July 18th, 2015

Leonardo DiCaprio has dropped the occasional huge funding bomb in the past few years, mostly to large oceans or wildlife groups to protect specific species. But with his most recent round of $15 million in grants, his giving seems to be more varied, strategic, and transparent (although still not transparent enough).

Since 2013, Leo's environmental philanthropy has blown up, drawn both from his own sizable riches, and two celebrity fundraising events that raised $38.8 million and $25 million. His Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation is actually a donor-advised fund housed within the California Community Foundation. And it’s been known mostly for giving huge gifts, $2 million or $3 million at a time, to well-established oceans and wildlife organizations like Oceana or the World Wildlife Fund, usually for specific efforts to protect threatened species.

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