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MFCo chief Peter Winneke’s push to get rich to talk about giving works

April 20th, 2015

When businessman Graham Tuckwell and mining magnate Andrew Forrest interviewed each other at last year’s Philanthropy Australia national conference in Melbourne, what they had to say was music to the ears of Peter Winneke.

And not just because two of the nation’s wealthiest entrepreneurs mentioned his name.

“Andrew asked Graham: ‘Why did you do this and do it publicly?’,’’ says Winneke, the head of philanthropic services at MFCo — previously known as the Myer family Company.

Forrest was referring to Tuckwell’s stunning public revelation months earlier of his $50 million donation to his alma mater, the Australian National University.

“And Graham said he went to see Peter Winneke from the Myer family and Winneke said: ‘If you are going to do it on this sort of scale, talk about it’. Andrew said: ‘I went away and thought about it and said I will do that’,’’ Winneke says.

Forrest made headlines when he went public with a donation of $65m to Western Australian universities, having already committed to giving at least half of his family’s wealth to charity during his lifetime.

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