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NAB Announces $1.6 Million In Funding For Sustainable Regional Grants

February 28th, 2018

NAB has today announced over $1.6 million in funding for six organisations to assist regional communities enhance the natural environment.

Since 2008, NAB, through the NAB Foundation, has provided $12.2 million in grants to organisations to help them innovate and have greater impact in the community.

NAB Chief Legal and Commercial Counsel, Sharon Cook, said NAB aims to help tackle societal issues by funding organisations who have new ways of doing things, or who are thinking about how to use business solutions to make a difference.

“Our aim is to build stronger, more connected communities by helping address the issues that matter to them,” Ms Cook said.

“We invest in the community in many ways – from how we manage our operations, through to our giving and volunteering activities.

“We look to support the big ideas – those that are truly impactful, scalable and provide sustainable solutions to complex societal issues.”

Over the past 10 years, the Foundation’s grant priorities have been aligned to issues important to NAB customers and the wider Australian community, including mental health, domestic and family violence, financial resilience, and environmental wellbeing.

The six recipients of this year’s Environmental Wellbeing: Sustainable Regions Grants include some of the most well respected conservation organisations in the country, two new social enterprises, and a peak body representing key voices in private land conservation.

NAB Executive General Manager of Specialised Banking, Julie Rynski, said NAB is committed to strengthening regional communities by helping them to better preserve the natural environment.

“Through these Sustainable Regions Grants, we want regional communities to respond to challenges such as water quality, land degradation and climate change, and work on solutions to some of these complex issues,” Ms Rynski said.

“We know that industries such as agriculture and tourism are dependent on the management and preservation of natural resources, and supporting the environment is vitally important to regional communities who are reliant on these industries.”


For more information about the NAB Foundation Environmental Wellbeing: Sustainable Regions Grants program, click here

Read NAB Foundation's full announcement here

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