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Nationwide celebrations showcase impact of community and philanthropy partnerships

November 20th, 2017

Today marks the start of Community and Philanthropy Partnerships Week (CPPW). Groups nation-wide will be getting together with their philanthropic partners to celebrate and showcase the great work they are doing together to build and strengthen the places where they live and work.

Details of the scheduled celebrations are available on the Community and Philanthropy Partnerships Week event register. Many are open to the public.

Sarah Davies, CEO of Philanthropy Australia, explained that CPPW is an opportunity to celebrate the partnerships that often go unnoticed across Australia every day, yet make a significant difference to society.

“Philanthropy plays a crucial role in enabling communities to implement creative and grassroots solutions and this is what CPPW helps to publicly celebrate.

“Earlier this year, a number of community groups across the country received grants to help them showcase their contribution in collaboration with their philanthropic partners. The groups are quite diverse, from a community based life-long learning support group in Chelsea, Victoria to an Aboriginal Law and Culture Centre in Fitzroy Crossing, WA.

“They will be marking the week in a wide range of ways too, from releasing documentaries, hosting open days and exhibitions of work, to treasure hunts and other special events, such as a street football match and an art workshop and pizza night.

“In all cases, the focus will be on what can be achieved when community and philanthropy work together to build stronger and more inclusive communities.”

The CEO of the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR), Natalie Egleton, says that the underlying aim of CPPW is knowledge sharing, strengthening and building new partnerships as well as celebrating what is being achieved.

“By highlighting some highly effective partnerships, we can build a stronger nation. Through our work at FRRR, we see the remarkable and selfless endeavours that are taking place at the grassroots to build more vibrant places to live and work. Having the opportunity to share this on a national platform will also hopefully change perceptions that philanthropy is something that is only for high-net-worth individuals and big business.”

The grants are possible thanks to funds from the Department of Social Services and the CPPW initiative is supported through the Prime Minister’s Community Business Partnership and managed by Philanthropy Australia in partnership with the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal.

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