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New bridge across digital divide

March 10th, 2021

A new online learning platform called the SisterWorks e-Hub has just been launched to provide migrant, refugee and asylum women with resources to bridge the digital divide.

After a year when many Australians’ social connections were restricted to on-line only engagements, SisterWorks has launched the e-Hub to help support access to the organisation’s educational content and to build skills.

The classes in the app include English language, digital literacy, crafts – including sewing and jewellery making – as well as information about Australian rights, life and well being.

Vital advice provided includes buying a Myki for Victorian public transport, accessing Centrelink, setting up social media accounts for small business, and employment rights. Some of the content is delivered in instructional videos, some of it is e-books and there are also live classes.

SisterWorks CEO Sarah Ireland said: “With support from UN Women, this exciting new platform was created for women migrant and refugee backgrounds, providing them with bite-sized educational content and access to live online classes.’’

The e-Hub features English as a second language content, that is designed to support an improved quality of life for many women. The goal is to build skills and community engagement that ultimately provide women from migrant and refugee backgrounds with job opportunities.

Victorian Minister for Women Gabrielle Williams underlined the importance of supporting women’s skill development when she launched the e-Hub. “Too often, women and especially those with low English levels and digital literacy skills are left out of training and job opportunities,’’ she said. “It’s wonderful to see SisterWorks work alongside these women and provide easily accessible educational materials to support them on their journey to employment.’’


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