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News close to home – PIJI wants to know

December 08th, 2021

The next stage of finding just who produces local news in Australia asks residents to help identify news providers in their area.

The Public Interest Journalism Initiative has launched the first stage of its Australian Newsroom Mapping Project: the Full Picture, collating and visualising news production across Australia.

It now needs residents to look at the data and check if the information is correct: are all the news sources listed? Has a news provider closed or perhaps a recent entrant joined the market?

The database currently contains 800 entries of local news production in print and online, extracted and verified from over 2,000 tip-offs that came from an extensive community crowd-sourcing campaign. 

The cumulative data PIJI is building in the Full Picture is essential to the formation of policy and initiative to support the sustainability and growth of public interest journalism. And a healthy news sector is essential to a nation’s democracy.

To let PIJI know what’s going on with news in your area and be part of this project that’s mapping this civic infrastructure so crucial to the working of democracy, click on and use the contribute button to provide feedback by Monday 31 January 2022.

The next phase of the Full Picture project will be released in February.

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