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Opportunity to access free data to aid COVID-19 response

April 14th, 2020

Accurate and targeted information in the current health crisis, is a priority for agencies, the social sector and philanthropists trying to address the needs of the most vulnerable Australians.

Now, Seer Data & Analytics is helping by providing free access to its insights and data that can direct the appropriate services to the most deserving in an expedient way. 

The data’s potential to drive a rapid response to the COVID-19 crisis is an important new resource to add to the range of initiatives across the sector helping the nation find ways to cope with the unfolding crisis. 

Seer Data & Analytics is a civic tech start-up that is committed to delivering accessible data and insights to help solve social problems. Its offer of a free standard plan for the rest of 2020 will give organisations the opportunity to access data that will help them plan their responses. 

Seer Co-Founder and CEO Kristi Mansfield said: “Our vision is for all communities to be able to use data for collective decision making and self-determination. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, we are already seeing communities become vulnerable that would not have usually been.’’  

“Access to data is an essential resource to drive decision making and we want to help organisations and Government agencies build a clear picture of each community so they can take the most appropriate actions on a local level in response to this crisis.”  

Seer is partnering with Perpetual and Clear Horizon to fast track access to data to support the charity sector.   

To help with cross-sector planning, users will have access to Seer’s Financial Vulnerability Maps paired with a Financial Vulnerability Insights Package which can be tailored to local community areas (SA1 and SA2) for situational analysis and response planning.  

The insights package includes data related to small businesses, types of employment, vulnerable industries, mortgage and rental stress, household types, Centrelink payments, homelessness incidence, SEIFA, population and demographics, showing the location and scale of the most vulnerable communities around Australia.  

Seer will also make available its Similar Communities model to allow communities to identify other towns like theirs both in their state and nationally.  

There will be ongoing support from Seer’s Data Strategy Advisors and regular webinars to support users are enable them to make best use of these resources. 

Seer has worked with a broad range of communities and organisations, including the Department of Social Services, Save the Children, Vision Australia. 

To find out more information about Seer and their free crisis data package, please visit  in the situations    

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