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Philanthropy Australia conference: is philanthropy future ready?

October 07th, 2016

This year’s event was titled Evolution or Revolution: is philanthropy future ready? It explored how philanthropy features in an ever-changing society and what is needed to stay ahead of the game. It aimed to determine if philanthropy needs a catalyst for change, to refine its way of doing things, or if everything is on the right track.

Although the overall conclusion seemed to be that philanthropy is not yet ‘future ready’, it was apparent from the topics discussed and the depth of thought on how we can best create positive change, that philanthropy is certainly evolving. Importantly, it was acknowledged from the outset that we need to hold onto the beauty and power of traditional philanthropy, whilst at the same time being open to innovation in the sector. Whilst stating that the traditional philanthropists are the pioneers, Audrey Exel AO, of Adara group, said that even if all the wealth of every philanthropist in the world was utilized today, it would not be enough to solve the issues we face. We therefore need to innovate and look at new ways of solving problems.

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