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Sector News: Andrew Kelly appointed CEO of The Antarctic Science Foundation

February 17th, 2021

The board of The Antarctic Science Foundation is pleased to announce the appointment of Andrew Kelly as the Chief Executive Officer of the Foundation.

Andrew Kelly is an established and senior participant in the philanthropic sector. He has previously worked for Children’s Medical Research Institute and over the last two decades has realised transformational gifts for Youth Off The Streets, The Smith Family, RACS, and the Society of St Vincent De Paul.

Andrew commenced his career in banking with Macquarie, Bank of America and Westpac. He founded and managed the sale of a niche media company and has consulted to firms and coached individuals in both corporate and for-purpose sectors. He holds a Bachelor of Business with majors in Management and Marketing and has competed at an elite level in road cycling.

“I am incredibly grateful to the Board of the Foundation for this opportunity to extend the excellent work of previous Executive Director, Chrissie Trousselot. Antarctica is both a profound paradox and solution. The continent of Antarctica substantially impacts the climate, marine ecology and economies of the whole world. The Antarctic Science Foundation performs a vital role, supporting world-class research to enhance our understanding and the protection of the Antarctic, Southern Ocean, and sub-Antarctic natural environments. I look forward to working closely with the Board, The Australian Antarctic Division and other scientific research bodies to extend the Foundation’s programs toward a positive impact for our planet and people everywhere. I am especially looking forward to meeting the amazing supporters of the Foundation who have made a deep commitment to ensuring a sustainable future for all", said Mr Kelly.

Antarctica remains a frontier to many of us, but it is one that offers some of the most compelling scientific opportunities on the planet and the potential to unlock thousands of secrets about climate, ecology and the environment.

In May last year, ASF announced funding for its first project, into Antarctic krill, a critical part of the food chain in the Southern Ocean. The Foundation has several projects and initiatives awaiting philanthropic support. Read the story here.

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